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Backcountry Terrain


The Atlas Aspect snowshoe paves the way for a new winter backcountry experience with its lightweight, packable design.


Atlas engineers developed the Backcountry Adventure Series to deliver nothing less than the benchmark in backcountry snowshoeing.

Available in two different lengths, both with our streamlined Pack-Flat™ bindings to accommodate larger mountaineering and snowboarding boots, the Aspect men’s snowshoe will fit easily into any kit. You’ll crush the approach to your next summit, ice crag, or backcountry line thanks to the Aspect’s top-end, independently-sprung Holey-1 toe crampon and full-length, saw-tooth traction that provide complete grip on all angles. On steep ascents, this shoe’s curved Heel Lift bar eases calf fatigue, and its streamlined Infinity Decking maximizes contact. The Aspect was designed for the true backcountry enthusiast.




Atlas’ innovative ReactiV-Trac™ construction integrates the classic flex of an elliptically-formed nose with the perimeter traction of a serrated t-frame. The snowshoes’ stout SLS straps flex the system’s tubular nose allowing the binding, crampon, and frame to conform and articulate independently with the terrain, providing unparalleled performance and the most confident footing available.
Spring-Loaded Suspension

Spring-Loaded Suspension

An Atlas tenet from the beginning, Atlas' patented Spring-Loaded™ Suspension (SLS) keeps the snowshoe close underfoot for easy maneuvering and suspends your foot so it can move freely with its intended articulation. The suspension absorbs impact and lets your foot flex naturally side-to-side for a comfortable, stable position on traverses and uneven terrain. SLS enhances traction control too, as the flex provides deeper crampon penetration into the slope, especially on steep or off-angle terrain.
PackFlat Binding

PackFlat Binding

Designed for backcountry snowboarding and climbing, the new PackFlat™binding features quick-lashing urethane straps that are fully field-replaceable with the included BC Utility Strap. Able to accommodate bigger snowboard boots, the bindings collapse flat for easy storage in your pack.
Heel Lift Bar

Heel Lift Bar

On steep climbs, calf muscles tire quickly and traction decreases when your foot matches the slope angle. The heel lift bar eases fatigue and ties directly into Advanced Aft Traction for grip.
Infinity Decking

Infinity Decking

Designed to optimize surface area while also protecting the deck from abrasion Infinity Decking integrates the deck below and inside the frame with a unique construction that eliminates frame wrap in a sleek, seamless design.
Holey-1 Toe Crampon

Holey-1 Toe Crampon

Our top-end traction, the Holey-1 uses shovel-shaped stainless steel prongs for better hold and sharp ice tips for superior bite on frozen slopes.
Atlas BC Utlility Strap

Atlas BC Utlility Strap

Included with all Atlas Backcountry Adventure snowshoes the BC Utility Strap can be used to secure your snowshoes to your pack, lash together other gear, or carry as an backup strap for the field-replaceable PackFlat™ Binding or any other emergency situation.


Product Size Chart
Model Size Surface Area Weight/PR Load
Aspect24 24 in (61 cm) 163 sq in
(1052 sq cm)
4.12 lbs (1.87 kg) 100-190 lbs
(45-86 kg)
Aspect28 28 in (71 cm) 204 sq in
(1316 sq cm)
4.36 lbs (1.98 kg) 135-225 lbs
(61-102 kg)


  1. Place the ball of your foot even with the logo/ball of footmark on the footbed, with the heel strap buckle to the inside.
  2. Align your foot straight on the snowshoe with toes under the long strap and tightening it over toes by pulling up on tag end.
  3. Thread the long strap diagonally across your foot towards your instep looping under then over the binding hook on the opposite side of your foot.
  4. Keeping tension on the strap draw it across the top of foot, rout- ing it under and back over the binding hook securing it on the prong.
  5. Stow the excess strap in the strap clip.
  6. Thread the heel strap through the metal buckle opening and loop back over the prong to secure.
  7. Stow the excess heel strap in the strap clip.
  8. To release, unclip the straps from the strap clips and pull to re- lease them off of the prongs.


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